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←→ to move. ↓ to stop. 1-7 or ASDFGHJ to use skills. 4/F to collide. 5/G to call for warriors.

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War Elephant Strategy Game

War Elephant Strategy Game – Rabahsz, God of War, has for a long time been watching the many brave wariors, from his throne in the God’s mountain, in their quest for glory. After many years he considered that it was now time to gather them all at one place, and let them battle it out. The one who will be left undisputed will win the honour to receive a gift from the Gods themselves. An axe has been forgotten by the most skillful blacksmith of God’s mountain. This axe would bring its owner to God’s mountain on the day of his death. He would raise as a God, and the right hand man of rabahsz himself. And he would be given the great honor of eating at the same table, side by side with the king among Gods. The God himself, Geot. It is here that our tale begins.

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  1. Felipe November 20, 2012 at 6:23 am - Reply

    The games will time out and be removed acmltatiuaoly after 15 days of inactivity. The other option is to click Load and then click the Menu button. In the Menu you can select Offer to Draw / Resign . Click Resign Game and it will be removed. Let me know if there are any problems.

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