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Sweet Doll 1 Game Play

Sweet Doll 1 Game Play – Which one of you can tell me that a little baby isn’t cute? all babies are cute and dressing them is a lot of fun, girls, that’s why i think you love my baby doll dress up game. the game is about the cutest baby doll girl ever and about dressing her up and making her look as sweet as possible. this baby doll girl loves all colors and her favorite toys are teddy bears, ponies, and rag dolls, but she doesn’t mind if you give her a toy car or a little train to play with. now let me teach you a few tricks about this baby doll’s hair. this baby doll girl loves her hair up and she has many colorful hairpins that turn this cute little baby girl into an irresistible little toy for any of us. those of you who have been babysitting know that the pacifier is very important when dressing up a little baby girl, even if she’s cute as an angel, so don’t forget this magical amulet when playing the dress up game, girls.

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