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W/Up - Jump, A/Left - Move Left, S/Down - Crouch, D/Right - Move Right, R/Right Click - Reload, Q/Shift - Switch Weapons, E/Ctrl - Killstreak, Mouse - Aim and Shoot

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Strike Force Heroes 2 Game Play

Strike Force Heroes 2 Game Play – Alter your soldiers with thousands of weapons, armour and upgrades in this epic action-packed shooter. Change 5 single soldiers with hundreds of weapons, attachments, fit upgrades and camouflages. Activity the expedition for an proceedings packed postscript of the Reach Organisation Heroes storyline or try your chance at the new interval tool to win rarified weapons and hop into a duty mettlesome. (13+)

Control :
W/Up – Jump
A/Left – Move Left
S/Down – Crouch
D/Right – Move Right
R/Right Click – Reload
Q/Shift – Switch Weapons
E/Ctrl – Killstreak
Mouse – Aim and Shoot

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