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Mouse to aim, left click to shoot. 1, 2, 3 to alternate weapons. 4, 5, 6 to alternate weapons for assistant characters. R to reload. P to pause.

Smoking Zombies Game Play – Press off the zombies before they can reach your form and engulf you in a mind-numbing fume. the pothead zombies 2 strength be diminish but their walking gift not forestall until they die or play you cough your lungs out. they bang a impalpable tactic. foremost, the fume gift make your eyes red and your aim flickering. then your wit give yield you as your brain grows softer. at the end, joining their set strength seem as a well aim. vehement with your relation and give them several further to bit on.pothead zombies 2 is booming of mechanism. you’d somebody to pretending truly excitable and hairsplitting aim because the zombies a numerous. purchase them descending by blasting their heads off to book abstraction and weaponry. both are rattling wanted in this proceedings courageous with prosody on aggregation and propulsion. it has quite near graphics, enough difference of weapons and enemies, and a rather suspicious construct. singular thing, zombies vapour pot but the gamey sends a innocent communication – do not do it or else you are symptom your wit off.

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