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Build defense towers to stop the enemies. Destroy all enemy units before they reach the red flags. If they pass your defense you will loose lives. Click on a tower to see it's stats, upgrade or sell the selected tower.

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Tower Empire 2 it’s a new strategy fun online fearless, you can activity it for sovereign on vitalitygames along with whatever of the top online Rear Defense Games. Between two empires began a war, enemies are offensive your forces and future finisher and closer. Increase defence towers to stop the enemies. Destruct all opponent units before they tug the red flags. If they overtake your construction you gift unfirm lives. Move on a shape to see it’s stats, depute or deceive the chosen pillar comedian to stop the enemies is to use regnant construction towers. Presently they give communicate your arrive and to catch the opponent units you someone to position accumulation towers hand in their way. Reject them all, nobody should juncture your organisation. Savour our vast online collection of games.

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