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Control : F1/F2 or mouse click to choose hero. 1,2,3 to choose magics. Mouse click to send troops. Enter to confront enemies. Space to speed up. Ecs to cancel the selection. P to pause. Tip: You can gain additional reward for confronting the enemies in advance. After passing the levels, click Skill to upgrade soldiers' attribute skills.

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Play Incursion 2 The Artifact Game – The tower organisation gamey from which the tune comes from Land Press and Warcraft 3 now welcomes a vast new update. New maps, new enemies, new achievements and new skills. The biggest highlights of Incursion 2 The Unit are the newly-added Polish of Magics and a Demon Keep. There are quaternion spells of magics in the Schoolhouse of Magics: change magics, nature magics, assail magics and aggregation magics. These magics module movability fabulous roles in the war. Additionally, in the sport outlet there is one monstrosity, various potions and any ancillary items. All these give represent your heroes much muscular. As for heroes, there are two heroes in the new type who instrument fight with you shoulder.

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