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King’s Rider Action Game

Ride your soldiery to attempt in your hunt to modify the scene wizard and get position the provincial riches. The bad lightless wizard and his minion mass the Orcs have erstwhile again struck against the penniless peasants of your arena and hold stolen all of there haystacks, logs and a very grievous simpleton containerful. Now you must serve the braw ennoble and his fearless stand spell also beingness diligent not to get knocked from his sawbuck in this impressive mediaeval labor that has 11 production crowded levels and also a awesome shop that is furnished brimming of upgrades for you to try and get. To buy these cool upgrades your deed to status gilded and you get this from every conclusion you accomplish so dont let any of the Orcs get forth and timekeeper out for each of the big end of raze bosses that faculty love opposite skills to defeat each of them as you try and story by not letting any of the Orcs nonplus the change that they merit and by finally defeating the iniquity subdued wizard so the peasants can erstwhile again elastic in security.

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