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Difficulty : Medium 987 plays Likes: 0 0
Movement :- Arrow Keys or ASWD. Turn Left or Right = Mouse Move. Fire = Left Mouse Down. Upgrade Screen = F1. Planting Bomb = c. Planting Turet = f

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Die For A Lie Defense Game

New defense game is Die for a lie. There are undead all around in the house. Sitter Mr. Katt is currently in control. Presently its his obligation to clean up all the chaos. “Bite the dust for A Lie” is a movement shooter amusement with overhauls and safeguard methodologies. Players will need to safeguard their goal by killing the adversaries and in the meantime protecting themselves from foe’s ambush. Use turrets and explosives for a mass murdering. There are 9 upgradeable units in the diversion with a smooth trouble movement. Well then let the diversion start and don’t let them nibble you.

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