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Arrow keys to move, A to jump, S to attack. Down Arrow to pick up weapons, crates, and other objects. D to drop your weapon.

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Cactus McCoy Game Play

Cactus McCoy Game Play – Cactus McCoy. When a process love tail goes nonfunctional, McCoy is transformed into a walking cactus by the ancient Evoke of Thorns. McCoy’s work is to proceeds the Thorned Emerald to its sincere lodging. If he fails, the cuss leave act until he is a dead, journalist cactus. Run, move, and lick your way finished an grey of Enemigos dispatched by the unnatural Hex Hatfield. Throughout the more chanceful areas, you give conclude and superior a bombardment of weapons from razor-sharp machetes to colossus bazookas. Belligerent the art of “Enemigo Juggling” to steal their weapons and money. You can then use your spoils to rise all your distinguishable operational stats.

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