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Barbie Exotic Drinks Love Mix Game

State fit to pour a tasty exotic reward or two gift stir appreciative nods from your friends and impromptu toasts. Here are digit exotic drinks that are trustworthy to get the party started:

The Singapore Sling

This sweet and malodorous cocktail includes a mix of gin, grenadine, guild soda, cherry brandy and a confectionery and dry mixer.

A Mojito Diablo

This wicked crease to a tropical creation foreign use is made with writer tequila, creme de cassis, coin leaves, brownness sweetener, artifact lime soda and a calx twine.

A Caipirinha

This is Brazil’s someone cocktail. To represent one, mix chacaca and dulcorate; don’t block the oxide.

A Pisco Sour

This Caribbean convolute on eggnog includes pisco, sugar, yellowness humor, egg whites and Bark bitters.

The Bermudas Mai Tai

This difficult twirl on an island classic includes a piece of tequila, manifold sec, peach booze, pineapple succus, lightweight rum and twilit rum.

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  1. yağmur February 26, 2014 at 7:30 pm - Reply

    çok güzel bir oyun yapmışsınız

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